InstantForum 2015

Bold Beautiful Community Software

With InstantForum 2015 we've introduced a number of highly requested features, redesigned our mobile experience and overhauled several areas to provide you & your users a gorgeous community.

Bold beautiful community forum software

Effortlessly Awesome On Every Device

Our built-in real-time visual theme roller lets you easily customizae every aspect of your community - no need to learn CSS or HTML. Better yet your customizations will work seamlessly across all devices.

Bold beautiful community forum software

Keep Conversations Neat & Tidy

Easily find what interests you. You can now create any number of color coded topic types to help you group and identify specific types of conversations. Users can filter conversations by any topic type from the new homepage menu.

Bold beautiful community forum software

Express Who You Are

We've revamped user profiles with our 2015 release. Users can now upload a personal cover or banner image shown within there profile & user card. We've also redesigned the way users build profiles to make it even easier than before.

Bold beautiful community forum software

Options to Help You Monetize

You can now start monetizing your community. With InstantForum 2015 we've added optional paid subscription plans. You can create any number of plans and associate these with all or specific forums to require paid access.

Bold beautiful community forum software

Easier Quoting & MultiQuotes

With InstantForum 2015 quotes are now collapsed by default to reduce clutter within conversations. We've also added a new MultiQuote feature to let you easily quote several messages at once.

Bold beautiful community forum software

Participate With Mouse or Touch

We've improved our editor to ensure this works great on current versions of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can now also start a topic or reply to topics right from forum or topic pages. No need to navigate to a different page.

Bold beautiful community forum software

There's So Much More

There are just a few of the important updates from our InstantForum 2015 release. To learn more about all the new features and improvements please see our full Release Notes.