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Professional, Consistent Customer Support

InstantKB is a simple, yet powerful help desk designed to help busy businesses reduce, streamline & deliver great customer support.

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InstantKB - Better Customer Service

A Single InBox For Every Support Channel

Deliver awesome customer service across every support channel quickly & easily. InstantKB pulls together all your inbound questions from email, web, live chat, phone, Facebook & twitter to provide a single, consistent view of all your support helping agents help customers fast. Learn More

Always On Self Service Help Center

Support 24/7

Help customers find answers around the clock with your own unique self service knowledgebase.
Live Suggest

Suggest answers from your knowledge base as customers compose new support tickets helping reduce inbound.
Real-time Search

Customers can find answers at the speed of type across all your knowledgebase articles, file attachments and other user comments.

We'll even make things beautiful for you

We work with every customer to tailor InstantKB to perfectly match your existing web site or corporate identity. If you purchase a InstantKB on-premise or cloud license we'll be in touch to see how we can help with your design.
InstantKB - Better Customer Service

Help Agents Deliver Great Support


Automatically alert the right support agents of new questions from any inbound support channel.

Rules help you automatically route, organize & prioritize customer support questions.

Escalation rules help you automatically escalate overdue customer support questions.

Workflows help you automate & enforce processes for content approval or ticket resolution.
Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements help you prioritize questions & set customers expectations.
Detailed Reports

Reports show you how customers are using your support portal and how your support team are performing.

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