InstantKB On Premise Pricing

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Single Web Site License

Download & Install InstantKB on your own servers. No recurring fees. Use the license you purchase forever.

End User License



All software features but limited source code. Ideal if you need to customize the look & feel of InstantKB but not necessarily modify the source code.

  • Free Upgrades For 1 Year
  • Unlimited Development & Staging URLs
  • One Public Or Private Production URL
  • Visual Studio Solution + Limited Source Code
  • 1st Class Tech Support Via Email, Phone or Tickets

Developer License



All software features & full C# source code access. Ideal for those who want to have full access to the InstantKB source code to modify functionality.

  • Free Upgrades For 1 Year
  • Unlimited Development & Staging URLs
  • One Public Or Private Production URL
  • Visual Studio Solution + Full C# Source Code
  • 1st Class Tech Support Via Email, Phone or Tickets

Need 50+ support agents?

Please contact us for volume on premise pricing. All prices shown are in US dollars and exclude TAX / VAT that may be added based on your location.

How many "Agents" do i need?

A support agent is a person within your organization that will be using InstantKB to publish support articles or respond to customer support tickets. Support agents have special access to the InstantKB Agent Control Panel. For example if you have fewer than 10 individuals within your organization that will be using InstantKB to publish articles & answer support tickets you will need our 1-10 agent license. Please choose the number of seats corresponding to the number of support agents you anticipate within InstantKB.

All On Premise Lienses Include...

With our on premise InstantKB licenses you can add a branded support center to your existing .NET web site or web application all hosted on your own servers.

InstantKB - Works great on all devices


We've hopefully already addressed your questions below. If your question is not answered below please contact us.

  • Which license is right for me?
    • This largely depends on how you intend to use our software. If you only intend to install a single production installation of our software you can purchase our single web site end user or developer license. If you require multiple production installations you will need to either purchase a single web site license for each production installation or purchase our single server license if all production installations exist on the same physical web server.

      If you still have further questions please review our licensing page or contact us.
  • What's the different between the end user and developer license?
    • The only difference between our end user and developer license is the level of course code you'll receive access to. Both licenses include all software functionality. Our end user license is perfect if you wish to use our software with no functional changes. Our developer license provides access to the full product source code allowing you to customize functionality. Both our end user and developer licenses allow you to visually customize our software to match your web site or company branding.
  • What's the difference between the single web site and single server license?
    • Our single web site license allows you to install a single installation of software on your chosen production URL. Our single server license allows you to install multiple production installations of our software accessible via different production URLs on a single physical or virtual web server.
  • How does single web site licensing work?
    • Our single web site license is tied to a single production URL. You can submit this URL at the time of purchase or at anytime through a license request via our My.InstantASP client area. We can add licenses very easily for you upon request. We also allow you to point multiple domains to the same installation of our software for SEO or geographical support with our single web site license.
  • How does single server licensing work?
    • Our single server license is tied to the machine name of your physical or virtual web server. This allows you to install multiple instances of our software with different production URLs on your chosen web server. There are no limited to the number of installation you can install on your chosen web server. If you are using a load-balanced environment you will need to purchase a server license for each server in your cluster.
  • Do I have to pay for development, staging, QA licenses?
    • No. We will always add development or testing URLs free of charge. You can request these anytime by submitting a license request via our My.InstantASP client area.
  • Do I have to renew my license?
    • No. Once you purchase a license you own that license for life and are free to use the version of the software you purchased from InstantASP for as long as you need. Whilst you are not required to renew your license we do of course release major upgrades from time to time which you will need to purchase to take advantage of the latest features & improvements.
  • How will my software be delivered?<
    • Once you've completed the check-out process our software will be available for immediate download from your My Licenses page within our My.InstantASP client area. If you don't already have a My.InstantASP account you will be prompted to create one during the check out process.
  • Can we use a company purchase order?
    • Yes. We can accept purchase orders on official company letter header paper. You can send your purchase via email or traditional mail. For further information please click here.
  • Am I entitled to upgrades free of charge?
    • We provide all minor upgrades free of charge. Minor upgrades include bug fixes and minor new functionality. You will need to purchase major upgrades if you don't have an acitve support plan. You are not obliged to purchase our major upgrades. It's our job to create compelling upgrades
  • Will InstantASP add VAT / TAX to my order?
    • Whilst we don't add VAT or TAX to your order depending on your location due to VAT regulations or merchant provider may add VAT / TAX to your order. If you are located in the EU and some US states you may be charged VAT. Businesses are highly likely to be able to obtain a VAT refund directly from our merchant provider SwReg.
  • We are a registered charity / non-profit. Can we get a discount?
    • Yes. We strive to support charities and non-profit organizations. To learn how to take advantage of our discounts please contact us before proceeding through check-out.
  • What level of technical support is provided with my plan?
    • All our licenses are backed by our prompt first class support. You can open support tickets through our web site or email InstantASP directly and we'll strive to respond within 24 hours Mon-Fri.
  • Can InstantASP help us customize or implement our purchased software?
    • Yes. We can help you make bespoke changes to our software to better suite your business.
  • Support Services

    Our professional support services are designed to help ease your on-premise InstantKB deployment. We offer fixed priced installation, migration & upgrade services.

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  • Support Plans

    We offer a range of priority annual support plans for InstantKB. Our annual support plans are designed for customers who require priority telephone and out of hours support.

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