InstantForum 2014

Build beautiful customer communities

InstantForum helps you build an engaging completely customized community to discuss & support your products or services.

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InstantForum 2014 - Community Software, Social Software

Simple Robust Community Software

Increase Engagement

Build a user community to openly discuss & support your products, services or interests.

Reward Participation

User achievements reward users for participation within your community & help identify experts.

Spam Protection

Stay SPAM free with integration & built-in protections.

InstantForum 2014

Use your identity

InstantForum comes with a flexible skinning system & theme roller allowing you to fully brand and customize InstantForum to fit perfectly into your existing web presence.

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User & Post Moderation

Simple bulk moderation tools make it quick & easy for assigned moderators to manage your community.

User Reputation

Know who to trust within your community & identity loyal community members.

Role Based Security

Create private discussion forums & precisely control the features available to users.

Theme Roller

Visually customize the look & feel of your community or download themes from our gallery.

Stay in touch

Stay engaged with your community through bulk emails or private messages.

Complete Management

Control every aspect of your community through a comprehensive administator control panel.

Your Community Mobile

InstantForum comes with a dedicated, touch optimized skin for mobile devices. The mobile browser detection supports all mobile device platforms including Windows Phone, Apple, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS & Meego. InstantForum will detect the device accessing your community and will tailor the experience to fit.

Tools to encourage peer to peer Q&A

Highlighted Answers

Mark any reply to a topic as an answer ensuring the reply is highlighted and easy for others to identify.

Reputation Gain

When a reply is marked as an answer the author receive a substantial reputation boost encouraging helpful content.


Control if question authors and / or forum moderators can mark replies as an answer and configure reputation gains.

Tools to help you capture & prioritize ideas

User Polls

Create polls to quickly gather valuable user feedback.

Like Posts

Users can like any topic or reply within Instantforum helping your most popular discussions raise to the top.


Control if question authors and / or forum moderators can mark replies as an answer and configure reputation gains.

Tools to help create great discussions

Zero Learning

Forget mark down or BBCode. InstantForum features a custom built editor to make it super easy for users to post & share content.

Images, Videos & Attachments

Easily add images to posts or embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Attach files to support your post.

Mobile Ready

We dynamically resize images and links posted by users to ensure your messages appear great on mobile devices.

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