InstantKB 2014

Love Your HelpDesk?

InstantKB for .NET is a simple yet powerful integrated knowledgebase & ticketing system designed to help you streamline & provide great support.

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InstantKB - Better Customer Service

Powerful Customer Support Software

Support 24/7

Provide answers & help customers around the clock via your own simple self service customer support portal.

Inbound Ticketing

A single central place to automate, manage & respond to all your inbound customer support questions.

Real-time Ranked Search

Search at the speed of type across all your knowledgebase articles, file attachments and customer support tickets.

InstantKB 2014

Branded Knowledgebase

The InstantKB self service support portal can be fully branded to perfectly suite your existing web site or brand.

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InstantKB - Better Customer Service

Streamline Inbound Support

Live Suggest

Suggest answers from your knowledgebase as customers compose new support questions helping reduce inbound.


Workflows help you automate & enforce processes for content approval or ticket resolution.

Detailed Analytics

Reports show you how customers are using your support portal and how your support team are performing.


Rules help you automatically route, organize & prioritize customer support questions.


Service level agreements help you prioritize questions & set customers expectations.

Escalation Rules

Escalation rules help you automatically escalate overdue customer support questions.

Help & Support On Every Device

InstantKB boosts a completely responsive design ensuring your customers or employees can browse your self help portal or open & manage support tickets on any device.

Tools to help build stunning support content


Use customizable templates & CSS styles to quickly create consistent, beautiful support articles & documentation.

CSS Based

A single customizable style sheet can be used to globally control the look & feel for all your articles.


Easily upload & embed images or videos within support articles. Copy & paste screen grabs directly into the editor.

Tools to help you help your customers

Topic Suggestions

InstantKB can suggest topics to cover based on the topics & issues your customers are searching for..

Search Reports

Complete search reporting helps you understand how you can improve your content and identify common problems.

Canned Replies

Create pre-defined canned replies to save keyboards & help address common customer questions or requests.

Tools to capture & display what's relevant

Custom Forms

Create new forms or customize every form within InstantKB to show only the fields important to you and your business.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to forms to capture & display the information important to your support content or customer support tickets.

Custom Tabs

Create custom tabs to extend InstantKB, adding your own unique content tabs or tabs to capture unique feedback from customers.

Single Sign On

InstantKB integrates well with existing ASP.NET web forms or MVC applications. InstantKB uses standard ASP.NET forms authentication making it super easy to offer a single sign on experience between your ASP.NET apps and InstantKB.

Full C# Source Code

With our on-premise licenses you'll receive access to the complete Visual Studio solution for InstantKB. Our InstantKB Developer License contains every line of C# code that comprises InstantKB allowing you to customize any aspect to suite your requirements.

Enterprise Authentication

Our active directory modules ensures users are automatically authenticated within InstantKB if they are already logged into your domain. The active directory module also provides central control over who can access your help desk via your active directory console.

ASP.NET 5.0 Ready

We are already testing with ASP.NET 5.0 and will have official support once ASP.NET 5.0 has been released. We are committed to ensuring we always support the latest technologies from Microsoft protecting your investment in us far into the future.