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We are on a mission to bring users & teams together to change the way the world builds & supports products. Discover our products.

Working at InstantASP

Our Mission

We believe that creating truly useful software can only be achieved by working with users. Knowing the issues facing users or the features users want can help with every release deliver better software.

We are on a mission to build the best tools available for software developers to collaborate with & support the users of the software products they create.

Success is making the people we help look amazing

Ryan Healey
CEO & Founder @ InstantASP

Our Story

Back in 1999 InstantASP CEO Ryan Healey was working at digital marketing agency developing web sites for clients. He constantly had clients asking him for community & support features for there web sites so Ryan set-out to develop a solution.

2 years later Ryan started InstantASP with 2 software products – InstantForum & InstantKB. At the time these products were built upon the brand-new .NET Framework. Over the next several years we would continue to grow & evolve both InstantForum & InstantKB into powerful products and still offer & support more modern version of these today.

Whilst developing our software we’ve always wanted to know how we could improve our software in a meaningful way for our users. To answer this question, we would often have to dig trough emails, support tickets or forum threads which often resulted in little insight.

We knew we could not be the only company struggling with knowing how they could improve their software so in 2015 we set out to bring the best bits of our existing collaboration & support software together with new tools & features to help us better understand & support our users.

3 years later our latest product “Plato” was born.

Plato makes it easy for companies to not just support & listen to users but to also value user feedback and prioritize feedback to deliver better software & drive positive change.

Today we are committed to building the best tools available for companies to collaborate with & support the users of the software products they create.

Our Values

Better together

By listening, we get a better product and our users get better software.

Make users happy

We will always go above and beyond to support those that support us.

Build beautiful software

We love crafting beautifully simple software to solve real user problems.

Be forward thinking

Always looking for how we can improve what we do.

Be obsessive over details

From pixel placement to variable names we obsess over every detail.

We eat our own cat food

We use our own software every day and of course we love cats.







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