Simple On-Premise Licensing

Our self-hosted, on-premise licenses allow you to download our products and install them locally on your own web servers. Keep reading to learn exactly how our self-hosted licensing works. If your hosted in our cloud you don't need to worry about licensing.

No limits!

We don't restrict you on the amount of data, the number of users or the amount of traffic or page views you receive. Our licensing is simply linked to the single URL or server name for your installation. Once installed you can use our products with no restrictions or limits.

No hidden or recurring costs

The price you see on our order pages is the price you pay. Minor upgrades are always provided free of charge. We ask a small fee for major updates however there is plenty of notice in advance before major updates and it's completely up to you if the new features are compelling enough to purchase a major upgrade.

End User Vs Developer License

The only difference between our End User & Developer License is the number of source code projects you'll receive with the product. With our End User License the majority of code is pre-compiled within ,NET assemblies. Only the code-behind source code is provided with the End User License allowing you to visually customize and perform basic integration work.
With our Developer License the complete source code is provided for all assemblies including access to our InstantASP.Common framework allowing developers to fully customize and extend our products.
End User License
Ideal if your looking to simply use the product as-is without extending or adding new functionality. You can fully customize the visual look and feel and integrate into existing web site designs. You can also take advantage of our API to achieve a single sign on experience with other web applications. Only the code-behind source code is provided.
Developer License
Suited more towards customers looking to extend or add new functionality to our products. With our Developer License a total of 8 Visual Studio.NET projects are provided. You are free to extend our product for your own personal or business needs.

License Types

Single Web Site

Allows you to use a single installation of our products on a single URL. Sub-domains will require additional licenses.
Single Server, Unlimited Web Sites

Allows you to install our products as many times as you wish on a single web server. There are no restrictions to the number of production instances of our software you can create on your single web server. Ideal for development companies or consultants.

OEM Licensing

Distribute our products within your existing larger commercial application. Please contact us for pricing.

Development & Testing URLs

All our products will work on "localhost" or "" out the box however we do also appreciate the need to use different addresses for development & testing. We will provide licenses at no extra cost for development, testing or staging environments. You only need a license for your production installation.

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