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Gamers are a savvy bunch and passionate about the games they play. With InstantForum you can create a modern, branded community for your players to share their passion & experiences around your games. Connect with players to share news, gather feedback and level up your game.

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Why create a community for your game?

Just a few of the reasons why your should consider a community for your game

Share the passion

A place for your team to share the passion around the game your creating.

Create Fans

Cultivate an engaged receptive audience for your game.

Connect Players

Keep players coming back for the social experience.

Create Fun

Games are more fun when they are shared with others through community.

Gain Insight

Identify what makes your players happy and where their biggest pain points lie.

Be Beautiful

Gamers are among the most tech savvy users and expect a modern, visually pleasing experience

Reduce Support

Let players help players and cut down on support costs.

Drive traffic

Amplify search engine placement through naturally generated user content.

Own the experience

Cultivate community whilst controlling the narrative with powerful moderation.

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