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Internal Collaboration

Create a community for your team to collaborate & build company knowledge

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Empower employees through community

An internal community is a great way to encourage collaboration & build relationships among employees. InstantForum lets you easily create a private, branded community to encourage collaboration & share knowledge within your organization.

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How an internal community can help

Just a few of the reasons why you should consider an internal community

Enable Collaboration

Let employees have meaningful discussions without creating constant distractions.

Enhance Productivity

Share information that can be beneficial to others now and in the future.

Encourage Self-service

Naturally build up your company knowledge through employee collaboration.

Improve Culture

Strengthen corporate culture by strengthening social bonds between employees.

Share Knowledge

Upload files and images and create a repository of corporate knowledge.

Deflect Support

Let employees help each other deflecting questions to your help desk.

Ease Onboarding

Get employees involved with easy single sign on via active directory.

Stay Informed

Notify employees when important announcements are posted.

Completely Private

Create private communities through flexible roles & permissions.

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