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Users deserve a personal relationship

As a product owner attracting and keeping users happy is critical to success. With InstantForum you can create a beautiful branded community to collaborate transparently with your users. A community is a great way to engage new prospects, help existing users & demonstrate you’re trustworthiness.

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Why create a user community?

Just a few of the reasons why your should consider a user community

Generate Leads

Amplify SEO through user-generated content to draw prospects through search

Convert Prospects

A branded community gives prospects social proof that you offer a great product

Increase Loyalty

A social bond can increase the value of your products and services.

Increase Trust

Demonstrate the passion for your products giving users the confidence in choose you.

Create Advocates

Your community can help you identify, develop and reward advocates.

Gain Insight

Your community can help you identify pain points or new ideas for your products.

Build Relationships

Build real long-term relationships with your most passionate users.

Reduce Support

Let users help each other deflecting emails & reducing support costs.

Drive Traffic

Drive visitors to your site via organic search and user generated content.

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