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Agents should not be worried about updating the status of a ticket or publishing a new support article. InstantKB contains a number of powerful automation features to help you enforce simple, consistent processes for content approval or ticket resolution. Using automation you can also assign, prioritize & route inbound tickets or escalate overdue tickets.

Help Desk Inbound Support Rules
Automate Content Approval

Article WorkFlows

If you work in a team article work flows help you configure approval processes for content before it's published within your customer facing support center. Work flows can be customized to help you work in a way that makes sense for your team. At each work flow step you can perform a number of automated actions against articles. For example you can trigger notifications, restrict editing permissions, show or hide specific fields or automatically changes the values for any fields associated with articles going through work flow.

Content Workflow
Automate Support Processes

Ticket WorkFlows

Similar to article work flows you can use ticket work flows to automate several actions at once against tickets. For example you can use work flows to automatically trigger notifications to agents & customers or automatically set the value of any of the fields associated with tickets. This can be helpful to trigger an email to a support agent if a tickets is assigned to them or send an email notification to the customer whenever a ticket is closed by an agent. Ticket work flows are very flexible and can be customized to suite how you offer support.

Ticket WorkFlow
Automate Inbound Support

Inbound & Outbound Rules

Similar to rules within your email client rules within InstantKB can be executed against all inbound support tickets from any support channel. Rules help you automatically organize inbound support. Rules can be used to prioritize or assign new tickets, send notifications to specific support agents or even send an automated response to customers to let them know a ticket has been received. You can create any number of rules and multiple rules can be executed against a single ticket.

Inbound Ticketing Rules
Automate Escalations

Escalation Rules

Escalation rules run every few minutes within InstantKB and constantly check for overdue tickets. If a ticket is overdue and meets the conditions defined within any escalation rule the actions for that escalation rule will be executed against the ticket. This can be helpful to automatically escalate or notify support agents if tickets becomes overdue.

Support Ticket Escalation Rules
Automate Due Dates

Service Level Agreements

SLAs let you to automatically set the due date for tickets. You can assign SLAs to tickets through rules. For example you could create a rule that instructs InstantKB to add a 6 hour SLA to any ticket where the customer opening the ticket belongs to your "Premium Support" contact list. You can also set override conditions within SLAs to always apply a specific SLA if a ticket meets specific conditions. For example if a tickets status is set to "Escalated" you may wish to always assign a urgent SLA to the ticket regardless of rules.

Support Tickets Service Level Agreements

Agent Alerts

Every support agent within InstantKB can opt in to get notified of important events happening within your help desk. These notifications are unique to each support agent and each support agent has full control over the notifications they receive.

Custom Notifications For Support Agents

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