Support & CRM Combined

Know who your helping

Know Your Customers

A 360° View Of All Customer Interactions

InstantKB provides a complete history for every customer easily accessible to support agents within the Agent CP. Support agents can see a summary of user activity, access full profile details, review all previous communications, access all private support agent notes or download any files the customer may have attached to tickets.

Know which support tickets are awaiting an agent response.
Automated Contact Creation

Manage Relationships, Not Contacts

Tried of adding contacts to your CRM? InstantKB intelligently creates contacts automatically whenever a ticket is created. Better yet all contacts are automatically populated with basic profile information. For example if a customer sends you a message through twtitter InstantKB will use the customers twitter photo & screen name for the contact record created within InstantKB. Once a contact has been created all further communications from that contact will then be associated with the contact for easy lookup within InstantKB.

Automated Account Creation
Ticket Profiles

Know Who Your Helping

All customer or contact information is easily accessible when responding to support tickets within InstantKB. Support agents can quickly access the full contact profile, view all previous communications or access all private agent notes associated with the contact. You can also build up a contacts profile right from support ticket page without having to leave the ticket.

Integrated Phone & CRM

Know Who Your Helping The Moment They Call

Enable phone support within InstantKB and whenever you receive calls within the Agent or Administrator control panels we'll search your contacts to display everything about the caller to the agent answering the call. When making calls you can quickly search all your contacts and simply select a contact to call or dail a new number to automatically create a contact. A new ticket is created for all calls and agents can add optional notes to the ticket during the call.

Contact Profiles

Rich Contact Profiles

Support agents can easily fill in the gaps and manually build up rich profiles for every contact within InstantKB. All the standard fields are provided to help you capture contact, work, web & social information. You can also add notes for any contact which are accessible only to support agents whenever the contact calls or creates a support ticket.

Organize & Automate

Contact Segmentation

Create any number of contact lists to help you segment & organizes contacts. You can use contact lists in conjunction with rules to perform automated actions against inbound tickets if the sender belongs to a specific contact list. For example you may have a contact list named "Premium Support" in which you place contacts who have purchased support. You can then use rules to ensure any new tickets or replies from contacts within the "Premium Support" contact list are escalated or managed in a different way than regular tickets from contacts who don't belong to the "Premium Support " contact list.

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