Fully Integrated Knowledgebase & Ticketing To Help You Easily Deliver Great Customer Support

InstantKB helps you deliver great self service customer support & streamline your existing inbound customer support channels.

  • Publish & manage articles, FAQs & documentation
  • Share downloads or step-by-step guides with customers
  • Manage, route & prioritize inbound customer support
  • Offer suggested solutions as customers compose new tickets
  • Track any type of issue via custom tabs, form fields & content types
  • Create custom workflows for content approval & ticket routing.
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InstantKB - Works great on all devices

Be there for your customers anywhere, anytime

Provide instant access to all your company knowledge, documentation & support materials around the clock through a centralized, organized, searchable branded knowledgebase. Let your customers find the answers they need when they need them increasing customer satisfaction and reducing your inbound support.

Help your customers find the answers they need

InstantKB is optimized to ensure your content if public can easily be indexed by all popular search engines. This ensures your customers can find the information they need within your knowledgebase from a general web search. URLs are human-friendly, descriptive and keyword-rich increasing the relevancy of your page within search engines.

It’s about great content

A helpful knowledgebase is only as good as it’s content. For this reason we’ve made it easy to create articles within InstantKB. Our familiar rich text editor allows you to create formatted articles with no HTML experience. To help ensure a consistent, polished look across all your articles InstantKB offers features such as HTML templates, global article CSS styles, inline spell checking & HTML validation.

Streamline Inbound

If a question or problem is not addressed in your support center your customers can submit a question through InstantKB. If our live suggestions don’t help customers can submit the question allowing your support staff to respond. Once the customer is happy with your answer you can optionally publish the answer within your knowledgebase to help others and avoid the same question again in the future.

InstantKB Answering Questions

Social features help build your knowledge

InstantKB allows you to capture user feedback by allowing users to add optional comments below your articles or documentation. Users can vote up (or down) user submitted comments to ensure the most helpful comments bubble to the top of the comments list.

Central, lighting quick search across all your knowledge

Search all your knowledgebase articles including attachments, tags & user submitted comments. InstantKB offers relevancy ranked search results ensuring the most relevant results always appear at the very top of your search. InstantKB can index and search all your Microsoft Office documents as well as many other common file types’ out-the-box. You can also extend the InstantKB search capability through the use of 3rd party ifilters to search other file types such as PDF documents or CHM help files.

Improve discoverability of your content

Organize & improve the discoverability of your content through categories & content tags. We’ve made it super simple to create & manage your categories through our AJAX enabled tree-view control. Staff members can add or organize categories directly within the tree view control by right clicking any category to access the content menu containing options to sort the category or quickly add child categories. Our auto-completing tag feature will suggest existing tags as you type new tags ensuring consistent tags across all your content.

Capture unique knowledge using tabs & content types

InstantKB offers an innovative, unique custom tab feature allowing you to extend and add your own custom content types within InstantKB. As an administrator you can create any number of custom tabs to capture unique data. For example you may wish to create a unique tab to capture and manage feedback such as bug reports or feature suggestions from your customers.

Enterprise Class Security

PCI compliance is not enough. InstantForum comes equipped with everything you'd expect from an enterprise platform. InstantForum offers OWASP certification, SQL & XSS injection protection, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, SSL, SHA 512 hashed passwords and on-premises installations.

Customize all your content forms

Our powerful AJAX based forms designer allows you too customize the data entry forms used to create or edit articles within InstantKB. You can hide any of the default fields provided with InstantKB if they are not relevant to your business or more importantly you can add your own unique custom fields to capture data specific to your business.

Capture all your unique data using custom fields

InstantKB offers support for over 13 custom field types allowing you to easily capture unique knowledge or meta-data within your articles. For example you may wish to add a custom product drop down list to your articles allowing your authors to select a relevant product when creating or editing articles. You can optionally display any custom fields you define alongside your articles within your knowledgebase front-end.

Automate your publishing & content approval lifecycle

InstantKB boosts a powerful workflow engine allowing you to create custom workflows for content approval. Workflows consist of a series of steps designed to mimic your existing approval or business processes. Workflows can be used to automatically notify staff members when content is placed into specific workflow steps and require action. Setup change actions to automate your data (status, priority, access) as it’s moved through the various workflow steps.

Role based security for all tabs, categories & content

Security trimmed results throughout InstantKB ensure users & staff members only have access to the tabs, categories & content administrators allow. Associate multiple member groups with any tab or category. The content within that tab or category will only be visible & accessible if the current user also belongs to one or more of the member groups associated with your tab or category. This allows you to tailor the visible tabs, categories and articles to unique groups of users within InstantKB.

Granular control over the features available to your users and staff

As an administrator within InstantKB you can customize or create permission sets to control the options available to both regular users (the users who will consume your content) and staff members (the users who will create your content). For example you can use permission sets to show or hide comments for regular users or limit your staff members to specific fields when creating content. There are hundreds of options available allowing you to precisely control exactly how your knowledgebase is presented.

Built upon InstantKB

We’ve worked with thousands of companies to deliver engaging, customized online support portals.
You can see a few examples below. If we can help your business please contact us.

Dedicated admin control panel ensures complete control

As an administrator InstantKB provides unparalleled administration control. Create member groups to control access to tabs, categories & content within your knowledgebase. Define the fields & functionality visible to users through permission sets. Create staff departments and permission sets to control over the content, workflows & options available to staff.

Customizable Look & Feel

InstantKB comes with an incredible flexible skinning system allowing your developers & designers to fully brand and customize your knowledgebase to fit perfectly into your existing web site or intranet. You can use standard ASP.NET master-pages to quickly wrap your existing design around InstantKB or customize our documented CSS to change colours, fonts and layout.

Complete Cross Browser Support

InstantKB produces light-weight, strict HTML 5 & CSS 3.0 W3C validated mark-up. InstantKB has been tested on all major browsers to offer complete desktop and mobile cross-browser support.

Extend InstantKB through custom plug-ins & providers

InstantKB provides a robust plug-in framework allowing developer’s to add additional functionality without modifying the core code. This allows you to keep your InstantKB installation right up to date without worrying about losing your medications. For example if you wanted to capture unique data during registration you can use our custom registration form plug-in to capture this data. When we release an update to the core product your plug-in will continue to work and you won't need to re-apply any custom changes to InstantKB.
Visual Studio Compatible

Visual Studio 2012 & 2013 Ready

InstantForum will work great with Visual Studio 2012, 2013 or 2010. Express editions & LightSwitch are also supported. Developers can modify or customize InstantForum from within there favourite development environment.
  • All Features
    • Incredible Flexibility

      Create your own custom tabs to capture any unique knowledge
      Customize or create your own forms to collect data within tabs
      Apply custom workflows to articles or data within any custom tab
      Easily adaptable to track issues, defects or product features

      Security & Control

      Control the tabs, categories & content visible & accessible through member groups
      Use staff departments to control the workflows & editing options available to staff
      Create custom workflows to control content approval or track issues & defects
      Control features & editing options for both users & staff through permission sets
      Flexible member group security modal. Supports multiple staff & administrator groups

      Powerful Search

      Standard TSQL & SQL Server full-text (contains, freetext) support out the box
      Search attachments (Office, Text, HTML etc) with SQL Server 2008 & full-text enabled
      Search additional attachments content types such as PDF or CHM using extensible iFilters
      Ranked, security trimmed, AJAX enabled search results ensure quick, relevant results
      Optionally allow member groups to also search user submitted comments & tags
      Dynamic RSS feeds for all search results. Get notified when new content is available.

      Knowledgebase Articles

      Easily create, control, maintain & share knowledgebase articles
      Organize articles within a familiar windows explorer style AJAX enabled treeview
      Add any number of file attachments, content tags & related links to articles
      Allow eponymous & registered members to comment & rate articles
      Easily send articles by email, bookmark articles or share using social bookmarks

      Troubleshooter Guides

      Create an interactive series of articles to guide users through specific problems
      Effortlessly build your troubleshooter step structure through our AJAX enabled treeview
      All the features available within articles are also available for troubleshooter guides


      Organize & control access to your digital media or product downloads
      Password protect or restrict access to downloads through permission sets & member groups
      Store files directly within SQL for enhanced security checks - no direct URL to downloads
      All the features available within articles are also available for downloads


      Create & maintain a glossary of terms for common terminology used within your company
      Staff members can easily add, edit or delete entries from the glossary through the Staff CP
      AJAX enabled allowing users to navigate your entire glossary without a single postback


      Tag any content within your knowledgebase helping improve discoverability
      Provide web 2.0 tag clouds allowing users to quickly explore your content
      Easily remember & reuse common tags with auto-completing tag text boxes
      Dynamic RSS feeds are available for all tags. User can get notified when new content is available matching a specific tag


      Upload & associate file attachments to any content within InstantKB.NET
      Search Office, HTML & Text based attachments with SQL Server 2005 & full text enabled
      Define the allowed attachments within any tab & set storage limits using permissions
      Access can be controlled for each tab & member group using permission sets
      AJAX enabled file upload mechanism for staff members

      Member Permissions & Groups

      Permission sets allows you to control features for each member group within each tab
      Associate permission sets with entire member groups or individual members
      Associate multiple member groups with members to control the visible content
      Associate member groups with tabs, categories & content to control group access

      Staff Permissions & Departments

      Control the editing options available within the staff CP through staff permission sets
      Associate staff permissions with entire staff departments or individual staff members
      Allow separate teams or departments to work separately on there own content
      Associate workflows with staff departments to control access to available workflows
      Multiple staff member groups allow you to separate your staff into multiple member groups allowing you to further control the categories staff can modify and create content within

      Member comments & Recognition System

      Allow users to add comments to content, all completely configurable with permission sets
      Comments marked as helpful a specific number of times will be automatically highlighted
      Content that receives a specific number of comments will automatically be marked as hot
      As members contribute & rate other members comments recognition points are awarded
      Define the number of points awarded to members for specific actions within InstantKB.NET
      Member levels will increase based directly on the number of recognition points

      Dynamic RSS Feeds

      Live RSS feeds are available for all tabs, search results, comments & Tags
      Subscribe to search results or specific tags through RSS. Get notified within your RSS client when new content is published matching your search critiria or tag
      Staff members can subscribe to feeds to show content assigned to them (as it moves through workflow) or show content within a specific workflow step or status

      Staff Control Panel

      The dedicated Staff CP provides your knowledge experts complete control over content
      Manage content, categories, glossary terms, members & user submitted comments
      Administrators can use member groups, staff departments & permission sets to control the content, categories, workflows & editing options available to staff within the Staff CP

      Administrator Control Panel

      Manage every aspect of your knowledgebase through our comprehensivfe Admin CP
      Manage tabs, field templates, custom fields, member & staff permissions, workflows, views, members, member groups, staff departments, application settings & much more
      View reports for content within any tab by status workflow or staff member

      Custom Tabs

      Create your own custom knowledgebase, troubleshooter or download tab
      Control which tabs are visible & accessible to specific member groups
      Define custom content types (bugs, features, issues, work-items etc) within tabs.
      Apply custom workflows to data within tabs to control the flow of articles or issues
      Customize existing forms or design your own form with unique fields to capture & share unique data within any tab

      Field Templates

      Field templates allow you to customize & or create forms for use within InstantKB
      Customize the default field templates to show only the fields important to you
      Add custom fields to default field templates to capture unique data
      Build your own field templates with custom fields for capturing defect, issues & workitems
      Easily rearrange & group fields, hide fields, set default values, enforce fields etc
      Create multiple forms for use at specific workflow steps - capture approval feedback etc

      Custom Fields

      Start capturing any unique data within minutes using custom fields
      14 different field types ensures you can capture & display any custom data
      Custom fields can be added to any tab you create within InstantKB.NET
      Easily create multiple select fields (radiobuttonlists, checkboxlists, selectboxes etc)
      Create required fields to ensure specific meta data is always provided
      Define optional regular expression validation for textbox fields

      Custom Workflows

      Build powerful custom workflows to control content approval or track issues & workitems
      Create custom workflows for working with content within any tab
      Create multiple workflows & control access to specific workflows through staff departments
      Define edit permissions, automatic change actions & notifications for each workflow step
      Apply automatic change actions to any field when content is moved to a workflow step
      Customize the available fields when working with data at any specific workflow step
      Control the next available workflow steps & optionally enforce or disable workflow

      Custom Data Views

      Customize the default fields within the various datagrids used within InstantKB.NET
      Customize the fields & metadata displayed alongside content through permission sets
      Display custom fields within any datagrid or alongside content within InstantKB.NET
      Customize the default sort column, order and records displayed per page for any datagrid

      Search Engine Friendly, Guessable URLs

      Support for basic & search engine friendly virtual URL rewriting.
      Include content titles within URL's to help improve search engine ranking
      Intuitive, guessable URL structure

      AJAX Enabled User Interface

      AJAX based interface reducing client postbacks
      Lighting quick AJAX based treeview control supporting thousands of categories
      AJAX enabled datagrids allow you to page & sort data without the need for postbacks
      Developed inline & takes advantage of the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions 1.0

      Standards & Accessability Compliant

      Strict XHTML 1.1 W3C validated semantic markup
      CSS 2.1 W3C validated style sheets
      Web 2.0 fluid CSS based layout - no nested tables, screen reader friendly
      Confirms to W3C web accessability guidelines 1.0 & section 508 guidelines

      Cross Browser Compatible

      Tested with Internet Explorer 6+, FireFox 2+, Opera 9+
      There are known layout issues with IE8 beta & Safari 3.1 which are working to address


      Localize every aspect of InstantKB (UI, Email Templates, Dictionary)
      Drag & Drop Language Packs (automatically detected, no configuration required)
      Easily change any text displayed within InstantKB.NET through a single XML file

      Skinning & Template Driven

      Portable skinning model
      Each skin can have a completely unique layout and visual appearance
      Drag and Drop Skins (automatically detected, no configuration required)
      Allow users to choose between skins or set a default blobal skin
      Each skin provides a standard ASP.NET 2.0 masterpage allowing quick design integration

      High Performance

      Designed from the ground-up for massive performance & scalability
      Customizable data caching (greatly reducing database trips)
      Parameterized stored procedures, Well designed tables, optimized indexes & fk constraints
      Strongly typed data objects & data collections (No heavy, slow System.Data.DataSet)
      High perofmance paging algorithm supporting hundreds of thousands of pages
      Email queuing system, emails are queued and polled in the background at set intervals
      100% compiled, managed .NET assemblies (No COM or other dependences)
      AJAX enabled UI ensuring data is loaded on demand helping reducing client postbacks

      Highly Scalable

      Unique SQL Server based state management (no session or application objects)
      Well defined architecture (separate presentation, application & data layers)
      Takes advantage of data caching & AJAX to minimize database requests

      Well Designed

      Object Orientated C# code, strongly typed objects & collections
      Takes advantage of many familar ASP.NET techniques (forms authentication, masterpages)
      Implements many design patterns (singleton objects, data factory, facade objects)
      Takes advantage of our InstantASP.Common base libraries
      Enhanced error handling, receive emails for errors or log exceptions to a file or event log

      Developer Friendly

      Works with Microsoft® Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 (solution file provided)
      Supports SQL Server 2005 & 2008 & 2012 (and express editions)
      Intuitive API with intellisense support within Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET
      Fully commented, clean, eloquent code using many familar design patterns
      Unique naming convention used for database stored procedures & tables reducing conflicts
      Full product source code provided with Developer Licenses

  • Live Demo
    • Live Demo

      To access the admin control panels please login using the account details below. Once logged in a small "Admin CP" or "Staff CP" link will be available in the top right corner.

      Email: admin@admin.com
      Password: admin

      Open Live Demo

  • PDF Brochure
  • Technical Details
    • Our products are written in strongly typed, object orientated 100% managed.NET code

      Programming Language: C#
      Developed using .NET 4.5
  • System Requirements
    • Web Server

      Windows 2012, 2008, Windows 7 or 8 (32 or 64-bit)
      .NET Framework 4.5
      Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 or 8 (Classic or Integrated Application Pools)

      Database Server

      Microsoft® SQL Server 2012, 2008 or 2005
      SQL Server Express Editions are also supported

      Development Tools

      In order to modify source code within our products we would recommend Visual Studio. Both Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET 2012 or 2013 are supported. Visual Studio is not required to customize the look & feel, create new skins or modify the HTML contained within the MasterPage.Master file. Visual Studio.NET 2012 / 2013 are only recommended if you intend to modify the product source code.

Why Choose InstantKB

We've been helping businesses implement successful customer support for over 12 years. We offer a full range of professional services to help you build & maintain the perfect customer support site. To learn more about InstantKB & the services we offer please download our PDF by clicking the cover link below.