Flexible Customer Support

Flexible To Grow & Adapt As You Do

Easily extend InstantKB through custom tabs. Add any number of public or private knowledgebase, documentation, troubleshooter or ticketing tabs. Every tab within InstantKB can have it's own set of unique custom fields, work flows, views & permissions to help you easily extend InstantKB to capture & share the information important to helping your agents or customers.


Custom Tabs

You can use custom tabs to customize the support options available to end users within your self service support portal & customize the areas available to support agents within the Agent CP. For example you could add a new ticketing tab with a custom name & form to your support portal to capture feature suggestions or bug reports from your customers on your web site or create an internal knowledgebase tab which could be restricted to your support agents or employees.

Help Desk Custom Tabs
Show What Suites You

Custom Forms

Every form within InstantKB can be completely customized to suite how you work. You can add fields, hide fields, delete fields, make fields required, re-arrange fields or even set default values for fields. This can be helpful if you wish to customize the form used by customers when submitting new tickets via your support portal or to customize the forms used by support agents when creating or editing content within the Agent CP.

Help Desk Custom Forms
Capture Unique Data

Custom Fields

InstantKB supports over 14 different custom field types. These fields can be added to any ticket or article form used within InstantKB. Depending on the type of field you create additional options are available such as validation with support for regular expressions or the ability to edit & rearrange values within check box, radio button & select list.

Help Desk Custom Fields
Customize Everything

Customize Built In Fields

You customize all the meta data associated with any built-in or custom tab within InstantKB. This can be helpful if you want to customize the statuses, priorities, levels or types associated within any specific content or ticketing tab.

customize the data in all tabs

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