Measure & Improve Support

Search Reporting

Understand The Problems Facing Your Customers

InstantKB provides several detailed search reports to help you understand what customers are searching for within your knowledgebase. You can easily see your top searches, searches that are not producing many results or see a complete history of every search ever performed.

Content Reporting

See How Self Service Support Content Is Performing

Content reports show you how your self service support articles & product documentation are performing. See a complete history of every article view alongside your top articles, user engagement (rates, comments) and top categories.

Ticket Reporting

Measure Response Times & Know Where Time Goes

Ticket reports show you all inbound and outbound support activity. You can see all customer tickets & replies from every support channel alongside all agent responses. Our automated time tracking feature also lets you see the total time agents have spent assisting individual customers & helps you identify the most time intensive customers & support activities -- all automatically.

Search Reporting

See Open Vs Resolved Tickets

See the total number of tickets received and resolved on a day to day basis. This can be helpful to identify if support tickets are being resolved in a timely fashion or to identify if inquires are going unanswered.

Topic Suggestions

Get Intelligent Suggestions For Topics You Should Cover

InstantKB can suggest topics you should cover to help customers within your self service support portal. These suggestions are based on the keywords or terms customers are searching for and the number of results and relevancy of those results returned to the customer. If we see search terms are producing poor quality results InstantKB shows these search terms as topic suggestions within the search report page showing the most poplar suggestions first.

Status, WorkFlow & Agent Reports
Additional reports are available within all tabs to show you a break down of articles or tickets by status, work flow step or support agent.
Date Filters For Reports
All reports can be filtered by date. Show content, search or ticket activity from last week, last quarter or any date range you need.
Reports For Every Tab
Whever your creating a custom ticketing tab to capture internal change requests or a public tab for product documentation full reports are available for any custom tabs you create.

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