Rock Solid Security

Enterprise Grade Security

Ensuring the security of your data stored within our software is at the core of everything we do. We know your not going to trust InstantKB to store your contacts & support communications unless your data is extremely secure. InstantKB boosts a number of enterprise level security options to help you secure your data and control access to your InstantKB installation.

Know which support tickets are awaiting an agent response.
Secure Content

Flexible Role Based Access

InstantKB uses role based security throughout to help you control access to content within your help desk. Administrators can associate one or more roles with any user within your help desk. Only the tabs, categories & content that belong to one or more of the same roles that are associated with the user will be visible to the user.

Secure Access

Granular Permissions

InstantKB features both user and staff permission sets. These permission sets control the features available to end users within your public facing support portal and the features available to support agents within the Agent Control Panel. For example you can use permission sets to disable public commenting below articles for everyone or just a specific group of users or use permission sets to customize the tabs or fields available to specific support agents within the Agent CP.

Secure Dashboards

Trusted IPs

By default to access the Administrator or Agent Control Panels within InstantKB you must be logged in with an account that belongs to either the administrator or support agent role. For extra security administrators can explicitly defined trusted IP addresses. This will restrict access to both the administrator & agent control panels unless the request comes from a trusted IP.

Secured Data

256 bit AES Encryption

All sensitive data stored within InstantKB can be encrypted or hashed using a number of popular, open cryptography methods. By default InstantKB uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt all sensitive data. AES has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now recognized worldwide as the most secure cryptography method.

Secured Communications

Full SSL Support

If you use InstantKB to manage inbound customer support we would strongly recommend using a SSL certificate to protect your client communications with the server hosting our software. If you install InstantKB on-premise you can install your own SSL certificate. For our hosted customers we'll always install custom SSL certificates if supplied to protect your hosted installation.

Secured Within Your Enterprise

Active Directory

InstantKB can integrate with your existing Active Directory environment to provide a seamless authentication experience for end users who are already authenticated on your domain. The InstantKB Active Directory Modules can be configured in a variety of ways to align with your IT security policies.

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