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Self Service Support


Provide a central, searchable self service knowledgebase to address common questions, provide solutions or share helpful articles to better support your customers. Help customers or employees find answers immediately around the clock reducing overall inbound support inquires.

Product Documentation


Our documentation tabs let you easily create dedicated areas within your support portal to host & manage more in-depth product documentation. You can create any number of documentation tabs from within the Administrator Control Panel. All documentation tabs have a unique view separate from regular knowledgebase tabs. This view is optimized to help customers & agents navigate larger sets of product documentation.

Troubleshooter / FAQs

Troubleshooter & FAQ

Troubleshooter or FAQ tabs work similar to regular knowledgebase tabs with the additional option to define a series of questions or steps at the bottom of each article. When reading an article users can select from one of these options to proceed to the next article which can present against present further options or show the final answer.

Real Time Search

Answers At The Speed Of Type

InstantKB can search across all your knowledge in real-time at the speed of type. This is helpful for both customers & agents to help quickly find answers. InstantKB supports ranked indexed based searches meaning regardless of how many articles you add to help your customers you'll always see super fast search performance with full relevancy ranked results. InstantKB will even search within common files attached to your articles and will also search within all user submitted comments.

Multiple Ways To Gather Customer Feedback

Feedback is crucial to help you improve your support content. InstantKB supports multiple ways for customers to rate your support content. You can customize the rating style you would like to use on a per article basis. Once users have rated your content they can also leave optional comments to provide further information.

Article Comments

Public Article Comments

InstantKB has a public commenting system allowing users to post comments below any article. Your users can rate up or down other user comments ensuring the most helpful comments bubble to the top. The permissions & moderation options for public commenting can be fully customized or completely disabled via the administrator control panel.

Content Creation

Simple Article Creation

Creating high quality content to support your customers is critical to help reduce inbound support and to answer the most common questions your customers have. InstantKB makes it super simple to create & manage beautiful support content.

Related Content

Relate Articles & Links

Easily relate similar support content with just a few clicks to help customers find all relevant information around a particular topic or specific problem. You can also link to external supporting articles or resources if needed. All related articles and external links are shown below each article within your support center.

Article Attachments

Attach Files To Articles

It's often helpful to provide supporting resources within a file download. InstantKB makes it super easy to attach any number and type of file to your articles. File attachments will appear below articles within your support center. Administrators can white list the allowed file types content authors or support agents can upload.

Tags & Best Bets

Help Customers Find Answers

InstantKB lets you tag articles with any number of keywords or phrases. You can browse articles by tag or use tags to ensure articles appear within search results if users search for a particular term. Articles that are tagged with a keyword or phrase used within a search will be ranked very heavily within search results allowing you to bubble specific content to the top within search results when specific keywords are used.

Content Feedback

See How You Can Improve

When editing any article you can see how users have rated the article & review any optional private comments users may have left when they rated the article. You have full control to delete individual ratings or reset the entire rating for any content within your knowledgebase.

Custom Fields

Show Custom Fields

Display information unique to your business alongside each article. As an administrator you can rearrange fields or customize the visible fields shown alongside your articles. The visible fields can even be customized on a per user group basis.

Mobile Optimized

InstantKB boosts a completely responsive design ensuring your customers or employees can browse your self service support center or open & manage support tickets whilst in the office or on the go.

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