Powerful Ticketing

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Response Tracking

Know Who Needs Support

Unlike email we don't track when you've read a message we track when you've responded to a message. All open tickets that require a support agent response are highlighted. Once the ticket is closed or archived it's removed from your open tickets filter and no longer highlighted.

Know which support tickets are awaiting an agent response.

See What's Important

Filters let you quickly see all open tickets, all overdue tickets based on the SLA associated with the ticket, all tickets awaiting a reply or tickets that has been assigned to you by other agents or automatically through rules, escalation rules or work flows.

Send Tickets

Send Tickets To Customers

Want to raise a case or ticket for a customer? That's not a problem, support agents can also open tickets on behalf of contacts and optionally send a copy of the created ticket to the contact. Any replies to the sent ticket from the contact will automatically appear under the ticket created by the support agent.

Relate Tickets

Relate Private Tickets To Customers

Support agents can also create private tickets within InstantKB that are related to a specific contact but only accessible to support agents within the Agent Control Panel. This can be helpful if you need to assign some work or tasks to another support agent for a specific contact.

Automated Time Tracking

Know Where Your Time Goes

InstantKB automatically tracks the time agents spend responding to customer questions. This helps you see the most active agents or the most demanding customers. InstantKB also shows the time worked within various reports to help you understand the most time intensive support questions and know where to focus your self service support efforts.

Private Notes

Private Customer Notes

InstantKB lets your support agents add or review private notes for any ticket or customer. Private notes are only accessible to support agents and can be easily accessed by agents from any ticket or customer profile page. Notes are a great way to store information about the customer that may help agents better serve or know the customer on future requests.

Canned Replies

Save Time With Canned Replies

Canned replies can save you time if your often answering the same questions. Whilst helpful use canned replies carefully and always try to answer the customers questions. If a question can truly be answered without modifying a canned reply then the canned reply should really be an article within your public self service support portal.

Powerful Search

Search all Interaction

InstantKB lets you search across all your tickets, ticket replies & files from every customer support channel. Want to find all tweets with the word "Awesome" - we've got you covered. You can filter tickets by channel, contact list, work flow step, status, priority, individual contacts & several other fields. If you perform a keyword search results are ranked in order of relevance with the most relevant results showing first.

Custom Views

Customizable Views

InstantKB lets you completely customize the fields shown when working with tickets. You can display custom fields, rearrange fields or control the visibility of existing built-in fields to ensure only the most relevant information is displayed to agents to help customers.


See The Big Picture

A quick statistics menu accessible from any Admin or Agent page shows a summary of activity within every InstantKB tab. For ticket tabs these statistics let you see the number of open tickets or the number of tickets assigned to you. For knowledgebase tabs you can see how many articles are due for review or review pending user comments.

Custom Fields

Capture Custom Data

Add any number of custom fields to the form used by customers to submit new support tickets within your support portal. Any custom data you collect to help with the inquiry can be displayed within the Agent CP within the ticket details section to help agents better serve the customer.

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